11. How are you doing?

These are young broad beans (Vicia Faba). I have them planted out five days earlier; I thought the weather was okay. Yesterday was colder and finally snowing 🌨 and it was – 2°C at night. I’m not sure anymore if they will survive through this. And it will be this cold for another 2-3 days…

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10. Report from happy retired pair’s garden

Previous post is the picture-report from my garden in Germany. On the other side of the word, my parents sent me pictures from Thailand as well. See how it looks!! 😊 💖 … View from the front side of the house 🏡 I truly hand down to my parents. They do the best gardening! 💖✨😊…

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8. Garden work now begins!

Good morning from my garden! I. While my parents do gardening in my hometown, Thailand. In Germany, the growing season started and we are planing to write a new chapter (for this year) for our my garden’s story. Start off the new balcony (on the left side) that my husband was building a new rooftop…

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7. New leave is completely unfolded

I reported in the previous post that my Monstera in the house keeps shooting new leaves (4 leaves for so far for 2021). Seven days ago I posted a picture of this leave that half-fold. Today this leave is now complete unfolded. And it’s the biggest leave I have ever got since I bought it!…

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6. Slug-resistant-plants and how to get rid of slugs (organic way)

In case you are a gardener living in Europe. Especially, if your garden is near the forest. The chance of slug swarming over your plants is high. I believe you have experience with them every year during the growing season. They are invasive types: Aron lusitanicus (common slug in Germany),Aron rufus (orange slug), and Aron vulgaris (brown slug) that I…

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