26. Peas + beans harvest in July

This year we got a great yield of peas. Probably because of a long winter. … A few days before harvesting were stormy. My plants got plenty of water. And the harvest day was slightly rainy + cloudy. It’s a perfect harvest day! I harvested a nice amount of beans for soup and about 1…

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25. Spinach harvesting

This time of year (June), the ground is heating! Many plants are so thirsty and burned out as well as my spinach here. Under this heat, they start to bolt. They produce flower buds.Even you can slow down this process of the plant getting bolt by pinching off the flower buds. But the veggies would…

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24. How to grow lemongrass in cold climates

This is my first time growing lemongrass in a cold country like in Europe. For self-sufficient gardeners in this area, growing tropical plants like lemongrass outdoor are unusual. Especially in the winter, when the temperature goes below 0 degrees Celsius. In case you don’t have a greenhouse, growing tropical plant is quite challenging in this…

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21. How to grow soybeans | New video on YouTube

I finally created some videos about planting veggies. In case someone wants to start his/her journey of growing food. This video shows how to grow soybeans from seed. How to grow soybeans from seeds Have your space & soybean seeds ready. Sow seeds and cover with soil (about 2-3 cm deep). (To get the best…

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