26. Peas + beans harvest in July

This year we got a great yield of peas. Probably because of a long winter.

A few days before harvesting were stormy. My plants got plenty of water. And the harvest day was slightly rainy + cloudy. It’s a perfect harvest day!

I harvested a nice amount of beans for soup and about 1 – 1+ 1/2 kg of peas! That’s quite a harvest!

How to store beans & peas

For the amount, of course, I couldn’t eat all within a day. So I store them by separate peas & beans from the pods. Blanched & froze them after. This way you can store up to 12 months. You can also freeze them without blanching but the color might be changed a bit after.

After this harvest day, I felt like the summer is ending. Well, it isn’t.

But since it’s constantly raining in my area. The cloud covers most of the light. It’s gloomy as in fall. I feel the day is getting shorter. The light is out about 9 pm or even before.

Yesterday was nice though, the sun was shining during from morning until five before it started to rain. However, I did not visit the garden since I had pain in my back, leg muscles, & abdomen. So I stayed home.

Today (07.07.2021)

I feel so much better. The pain is mostly relief. I can start physical work in my garden in this weekend. If the weather allows I would be out for sure.

Since I have got so many things to take care of as I listed them in this post.

How are things going on your side? I hope July bring you a nice harvest as well!

And thanks for visiting! 🥰😃

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