9. I pictured everything in my garden

Reported on 4. April 2021

Published by Cally Blind

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5 thoughts on “9. I pictured everything in my garden

    1. Thanks, Siva for visiting!
      I put them out in the garden last year because I was curious they will survive hard winter. As a blessing, the last winter was a lot of snowing in the garden and it answered my question after that.

      They were alive and even became more beautiful and I did not do anything about it!
      It seems like they love the space and the weather at this spot.

      Are you growing Cati/Succulent plants as well?

      Happy Monday!

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      1. Still alive even though snow , it “s unbelievable… Good to know it…
        I have cactus plant It has 15 years old , need not to take care of it as well as … literally it needs sunlight, if sun rays r heavy towards cactus it grows very well

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      2. Wow! That must be growing nicely! Incredible plant, isn’t it?

        I actually have some more that I was trying to bringing up at home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t handle them. They died in the las winter. Definitely, I don’t learn enough about them so I didn’t know them well.

        But you were right. They are sun lovers. I might try to raise them again in the future.

        Thanks for sharing your experience & tip!!


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