8. Garden work now begins!

Good morning from my garden!


While my parents do gardening in my hometown, Thailand. In Germany, the growing season started and we are planing to write a new chapter (for this year) for our my garden’s story.

Start off the new balcony (on the left side) that my husband was building a new rooftop and extent to the side of the house (toward the west).

The big part in the front that you see is the big challenge of my task. That is the slope. This area was full of wild-berries. They were spread all over the garden (uncontrollable). So we decided to get rid of them and substitute with other plants. To do that, we first need to get rid of those berries first. I tried the previous year to dig out one by one. That was useless, they keep coming back with more aggressive.


Because wilds berries have deep root and tolerance in every climate, whether hot or cold, shade or sunny. They all not only survive but vegetate new babies aggressively like tumor.

We were thinking that ‘okay, maybe we cannot get rid all of them within a few years. But maybe we can reduce them from some area first.’ We decided to cut them out of light and water by covering the area with opaque plastic sheet (the green sheet on the right side of the picture).


Until the new season began. This year we opened the sheet and found that all of the plants died as well as berries.

Now the new problem began. That the soil was very hard and cannot plant of seed anything at this moment (and I do not want to dig it more because I’m afraid of more erosion).

So what I do is filling the new soil and plant anything on it (on the very left side of the slope). Only issue that I can only do slowly… but we will see what is going to happen here. But I need to do something before the next heavy rain come (summer).


Though on the top row. I started put some plants since last year because I want to learn if some of them will survive snow (without any protection).

It turns out pretty satisfaction. Below are some of them that survive snow in the pots and revive this spring.

Though there are still a lot of work to do whether clean up other area and planing for planting my food.

I’ll keep reporting further. This is another year of garden adventure and it is gonna be fun! šŸ˜€

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